Smash Cake Baby Portrait Session

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When photographing, everyone wants to make your baby smile. This creates large obstacles for the photographer, that you have hired, to make those beautiful art pieces for your home.  


The first birthday is one of the most memorable milestones in your child’s whole life. 

Of course, we, as parents, want to share this experience with our whole family and maybe some close friends. This special event should be shared with images to hang on your wall or for your coffee table photo album that you will gift your child when they turn into an adult.


To save the memories from this precious time we recommend a Smash Cake Baby portrait session.


 It is separate from the birthday party with only Mom and Dad (because if more people are present, they tend to distract from the portraits being taken). This ensures we capture the best images of your birthday girl/boy. 

Oh, the things babies will do with cake! Yes, they get to make a huge mess and finger paint with something so tasty. Like Ryan Jr., at first, he was not too sure about the feel of the cake and if he was really being allowed to play with it. Mom helped him get a taste of it and reassured him it was OK, then it was game on.

Finger painting was a lot of fun and so was stepping on the cake. Of course, after the party we had to get a rinse down and quick bath. Dad wanted him rinsed in a bucket which Ryan Jr. thought was pretty fun too.