Fun Photographs of Topsail Island Jeep Week

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Topsail Island Jeep Week is an awesome adventure. Hanging out with other Jeep enthusiast and friends. Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce put together a great event. Everything from a Beach Ride to Obstacle Courses. My father and I had as much fun photographing everyone as the participants were playing in their Jeeps.

At the obstacle course they had the culvert pipes to cross, cars to drive over (did anyone actually make it over them?), a mud hole (more like a small pond) to drive through. I saw only 2 people make it through this one and watched a lot get pulled out. Then they had a log crawl that was natural and man-made, a Teeter Totter and Natural trails.

Here you will find images of the log crawl, car crushing, mud splattering fun.