Fun Engagement Photo Session at North Topsail Beach

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Justin came to us because he wanted to propose to Erin and he wanted the event photographed. It was to be a surprise. My father and I worked out the details about where the proposal was to take place and when. North Topsail Beach was chosen because it was close to a friend’s house that was going to baby sit their dog. Of course, the friend would be running late so they would need to go walk Bella on the beach.

 Justin had the ring hidden in his sock, so I would be within easy reach as he went down on one knee to ask Erin if she would marry him. With a smile she said, “Yes”!  He was nervous but Justin did a great job. We were able to photograph the whole event. We had a lot of fun trying to look inconspicuous while waiting for Justin to propose. As soon as he went down on one knee the game of capturing the moment was on.

Congratulations to Erin and Justin!

Thank you for allowing us to photograph this moment for you.